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NEWS ... 2017/18 Events

Beagle 50th Birthday Party with G-AVLN.
Saturday 27th January 2018 - Sywell Aerodrome

Beagle 50th Birthday Party with G-AVZM.
Saturday 24th March 2018 - Details TBA

WOTY (Weekend of the Year) – Yorkshire *Confirmed*
10th - 14th May 2018

Please contact Derek Sharp for further information:

Buttermilk Hall Farm BBQ & Fly-In
(Members Only)
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August 2018

Audley End BBQ & Fly-In
Saturday 1st September 2018

BP&BC AGM - Location TBC
Date to be confirmed


The BP&BC have been very kindly invited to the following Vintage Aircraft Club Fly-Ins:

Spring - Saturday 28th April - Turweston

Autumn - Saturday 8th September - Turweston

Specific details will be made available nearer the time of each event.

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